The Diploma of Management is the qualification required for people who are engaged to manage the work of others and add value to or review management practices. This course covers topics such as managing budgets, recruitment of staff, managing people, creating and implementing operational plans and how to show leadership in the workplace.

Management FAQs

What will be my Job Title when I finish?

After successfully completing the Diploma of Management, you will have the Qualification allowing you to work in any industry as a:

  • Manager

What is the Course Structure?

The Diploma of Management includes EIGHT (8) units.

Please refer to the table below for the units of competency and learning outcomes for the Diploma of Management.

Unit of Competency Learning Outcomes
Show leadership in the workplace
Model high standards of management performance and behaviour, enhance the organisation's image and make informed decisions.
Manage budgets and financial plans
Plan, implement, monitor, control, review and evaluate financial management processes.
Manage people performance
Allocate work, assess performance, provide feedback and manage follow up.
Manage operational plan
Develop an operational plan, plan and manage resource acquisitions and monitor and review operational performance.
Manage Meetings
Oversee the meeting preparation process, chair meetings, organise minutes and report meeting outcomes.
Manage quality customer service
Plan to meet internal and external customer requirements, ensure delivery of quality products and/or services and monitor, adjust and review customer service.
Ensure team effectiveness
Establish team performance, plan, develop and facilitate team cohesion, facilitate teamwork and liaise with stakeholders.
Recruit, select and induct staff
Determine job descriptions, plan for selection, assess and select applicants and appoint and induct successful candidates.

Our Diploma of Management is delivered online self-paced

Online delivery allows you to complete your Diploma of Management entirely online and at your own pace in the comfort of your own home or workplace. Once you enrol, you will get access to your course materials and you can start straight away! 
Experience a revolution in online learning with our Highly Interactive Learning Platform, dedicated trainer support and extra resources you get access to like industry websites, templates, online chat and the LMIT Student Forums. 

Recognition Assessment

If you already have the skills and knowledge required for all or part of the Diploma of Management, you will be able to use our Recognition Assessment process. Let us know if you would like some additional information on this and we can organise for one of our trainers to give you a call! 1800 222 140